Functional Sculpture

For the first 35 of my life as a potter, producing handmade functional work was the major focus my life, both because I loved the work and because producing functional dinnerware was an essential part of generating enough revenue to justify working full time in ceramics.  Several years ago I made the extremely difficut decision to start the move from what had evolved from "functional" work to "functional sculpture" onward toward to "sculptural" pieces despite the security that functional has provided for almost four decades of my life.

I feel I will always continue to make "vessels," bowls, vases, drinking containers, serving dishes as their connection to food and life are so deep within my person, but plates  (as an example) and most other dinnerware are no longer part of my life despite their history in my past.

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I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.  You can reach me via email or phone (512) 329-9113.

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